Actes Nord éditions (BE)

Actes Nord is an independent publishing project based in Charleroi, Belgium, mainly producing risography fanzines. Their fields of interest revolve around drawing, collage and art collections, and they publish other artists as well as their own projects. Their books are printed in small quantities and mostly hand bound. Actes Nord exists to give birth to surprising, poetic and spontaneous books. 

Amatør (NO)

Amatør was started as a fanzine in 1999 by Kjartan Helleve and Dag Johan Haugerud, highly inconsistent in both content and design. Since 2018 it’s been a monthly magazine publishing diary entries, available only in subscription, on the 15th every month. 

Ane Thon Knutsen (NO)

Exhibition of PhD project A Printing Press of Ones Own. Conceptual letterpress practice - spanning installations, artist books and literary research. Specializing in Virginia Woolfs practice as a self taught typesetter, book binder and self-publishing author. 

Antipyrine is an independent publishing project started in 2013 by editor/curator Mathias Kokholm. Publishing works of art, literature and theory; economics, technology, vandalism, publishing as medium and practice, schizophrenia, science fiction and conceptual poetry. Antipyrine is an open situation, working collectively and research based on a backlist of complex and polemical titles formulating visions of the present. 

BAGI3 (Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo) (NO)

Third year graphic design and illustration students from Oslo Academy of the Arts, who make prints, drawings, zines!

An Iran-based platform for exhibition and distribution of art books. Founded in 2018 by co-directors Hedieh Ahmadi and Ronak Moshtaghi, the project seeks to establish an inclusive community of artists, publishers, and audiences that allows them to exhibit and trade their publications independently. While the main focus of the project is to organize an annual art book fair in Tehran, the platform is active throughout the year —holding workshops, participating in international art book fairs to distribute local art publications abroad, and through the expansion/exhibition of its art book collection.

Liam Cobb is a comic artist from UK, making alternative comics, published through small press. The titles The Fever Closing (2016), Conditioner (2017) and the Inspector (2018), published by Breakdown Press. Breakdown Press is a comics publisher based in London, UK, dedicated to publishing the very best in comics art, whether the cutting edge work of new cartoonists or undiscovered classics of the past. 

Bergen Ateliergruppe (BAG) is an artist-run studio based in the harbour area of Bergen. Celebrating their 10-year anniversary with an exhibition at USF the same weekend as BABF 2019, they will be showing works from the past and current members at both locations. 

Bergen Kunsthall’s bookshop offers publications by international artists, cultural theory and magazines and is a great place for research or finding a special gift. Bergen Kunsthall publish own publications and art editions specially produced for Bergen Kunsthall. 

BEK – Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts is an interdisciplinary centre for the development of art and new technology. We aim to extend the field of electronic art through collaboration, critical reflection and the sharing of knowledge.

Founded in 2012, BLOW UP PRESS is a publishing house working with contemporary photography. In 2017 BUP published its first monograph – Agata Grzybowska’s 9 Gates of No Return – which won a number of awards. These days, BUP expands its book related activity, publishing projects by Polish and foreign photographers and participating in photo and art book festivals and fairs. 

Boksalongen is an independent bookstore at The House of Literature. We present a broad and carefully curated selection of literature. For the Art Book Fair Boksalongen will present a carefully chosen selection of books by local and smaller publishers. ↗

CODEX POLARIS established in 2013 - is an book artist group based in Bergen, Norway that creates opportunities and exhibiting platforms for artists who work with books in the Nordic region. Alongside the exhibition program Codex Polaris invites guest co-organisers to work on various networking projects, and writers to contribute with textworks to raise the profile of book arts spanning local and international perspectives.

Corners (KR)

Corners Studio, run by Daewoong Kim and Hyjoon Jo, is a graphic design company located in Seoul. Out of Corners Studio came Corners Printing, which prioritizes risograph printing and publishing.

Edizione Multicolore (GM)

Edizione Multicolore is an independent publishing project based in Leipzig & Berlin. Since 2016 they have invited artists to create unique books and small editions, in order to bring together the worlds of self-publishing and contemporary art.

A collection of works from students at the Faculty of Fine art, Music and Design inBergen. Working in all kinds of mediums, techniques and formats, with both text andvisual art.

Floriane Grosset (NO)

Floriane Grosset is a photographer based in Bergen working with analogue and digital photography. Through experimental photography she questions the materiality of images, the place of the spectator and how architecture frames body and mind.

Forlaget Aleatorik is a Danish small press dedicated to political theory and philosophy. Collaborating with Antipyrine Distribution, they work with and against the book as commodity, and distribution as a space for political intervention. 

Forlaget Virkelig is a small press established in 2011, publishing literature in translation and contemporary writing, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Virkelig publishes experimental work by contemporary Nordic writers, the BESTIARIUM series, promoting lesser known classics and bastard forms in literature, and the interdisciplinary journal Ny Jord – tidsskrift for naturkritik, spanning literature, philosophy, science and the arts.

Fuzzy Logic Press is a small independent press and studio run by Jonas Esteban Isfält based in Stockholm, Sweden. FLP functions as a studio for photography, a risograph printer and an experimental producer of zines, artist’s books, posters and other printed matter. The studio also hosts exhibitions, screenings and workshops.

Grafill Comics is part of the Norwegian union of visual communicators, Grafill. The union organizes animators, designers, illustrators and comic book artists. Grafill Comics is the sub-committee for comic book artists and aims to improve the working conditions for its members.

Finding tiny little inspirations from daily life as an Asian feminist living in Europe, coding them into stories, borrowing the form of poetry and translating them into visual pieces, essays and illustrations, Handi Kim is both a small press and an artistic project.

Heavy Books, established in 2014 by Norwegian artist Christian Tunge, publishes contemporary photography books and make exhibitions in close collaboration with artists and designers.

Hordaland Kunstsenter has invited Femke de Vries to this year’s BABF. Femke de Vries works as an artist/researcher, exploring the interaction between clothing as material objects of use, and fashion as a process of value production. de Vries will present her publications alongside a selection of books from the Hordaland Kunstsenter bookshop.

House of Foundation (H//O//F) is a publishing house originating in the biennial Møllebyen Literary Festival in Moss, Norway, started in 2011, and the Audiatur festival, started in Bergen in 2003. Run by an editorial team that comprises poets, visual artists, novelists, translators and academics, H//O//F has published some 70 books ranging from poetry and fiction to artists’ books and philosophy.

kaffi fanzine is the only fanzine in Norway that publish frequently. Made in classic DIY cut & paste style, written with typewriter & published in A5 format. Also publisher of the Comic «Ken the Kylling» by Martin Mentzoni.

Kay Arne Kirkebø is a Norwegian visual artist and an independent publisher. He mainly works with drawings in books, zines, animations and prints.

Extrapool is an artist initiative based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, operating in 3 fields of work: sound, art and print. Print workspace Knust is part of Extrapool and has over the last 35 years been specialized in stencil print, nowadays more commonly known as risograph printing. With high expertise Knust/Extrapool has been publishing various series of book and print projects such as Art Prison, Work Holiday, Ko Zines, Slimtarra and many more.

Since 2001, Konstruksjon has published 21 bilingual issues. Combining prose and photography, the zine creates travelogues and combines everyday observations with a pinch of magical realism.

Kristina Alijošiūtė is a graphic designer from Lithuania, constantly searching for disparate pieces that nevertheless fit together. She occasionally publishes zines and makes abstract risograph prints from paper collages, along with other experimental forms of print.

Nanna Amstrup makes handbound, graphic novels in lithography, silkscreen or intaglio. Through the publishing workshop at Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, she has mustered other artists, students and bookbinders to join and contribute at BABF 2019.

Kurt Johannessen has worked within performance, artist’s books, video and installations since the early eighties. His work is minimalistic and poetic, with a touch of humor. Through his self-run press, Zeth Forlag, he has produced and published about 100 books, many of them translated into English.

My main expression as a visual artist is the artist book. The books I have made are very different, both in terms of production method, expression and content; from the unique handcrafted object, to offset productions.

Lodret Vandret is an independent imprint based between Copenhagen and Berlin. We are interested in combining individual sensibilities, and thus collaboration is at the very core of our practice both when working with individual artists and on group projects. Lodret Vandret will do their screen print performance Look what I bought at the art book fair, with Pamflett, at BABF: If you bought any three books at the fair – from any publisher – you were eligible for your own unique, hand pulled, screen printed t-shirt. For free.

Lydgalleriet is a platform for sound-based art and art practices in Bergen. They run an exhibition space and publish texts and books about sonic and spatial art works and ideas.

MA Book Arts at Camberwell College is a collection of diverse artists from the UK, China and Norway, coming from different art backgrounds. Consequently, their books vary across media and content.

Marina Dubia is an artist and editor who links literary experiments with dance, poetry and the body. How does information spread? And how can we use our information channels to create new modes of organization and sociability? Each book is an attempt at an understanding, embodying texts through ink and paper.

is a nationwide interest organization for anyone who works with Risography in Norway We shall; promote the production of work done with a Risograph or an equivalent stencil machine; act as a contact network and a forum for cooperation for those interested in Riso; promote exchange of knowledge and experience; publish newsletters that provide information about Risography and the activities of Risoforening; promote Norwegian work produced using Riso internationally!

Kinakaal Forlag is a newly established independent small press based in Bergen, run by duo-cultural studio Northing. The publisher continues the mission of Northing through facilitating cooperation and communication between Norwegian and Chinese artists and authors and unveiling the diversity of Chinese culture to Norwegian readers.

Oficyna Peryferie is a Warsaw based independent publishing house and print studio working with art books, zines and original prints. They promote book art and self-publishing in Poland, conduct workshops, give lectures and print tutorials, as well as work with and publish selected Polish artists publish selected Polish artists.

Onomatopee Projects is a public gallery and publisher based in The Netherlands, that is particularly known for their self-initiated and transdisciplinary projects. They also host externally initiated projects of progressive individuals as well as artist-run organizations.

Performance Art Bergen (PAB) is a members’ organization for performance artists and those interested in visual performance. PAB’s goal is to strengthen and make visible performance art by arranging academic forums, workshops, festivals and international exchanges. We are located in Bergen, but work both nationally and internationally.

Sayo Senoo is a Japanese contemporary artist based in Paris, who started her editorial creation in 2019, both to document her ephemeral works, and as a creative medium in itself. Through original and humorous works made from surprising raw materials such as condoms thrown away in gay meeting areas, contaminated air from No-go zone in Fukushima, or animal organs dumped by hunters in the Arctic, the artist juggles with visibility and invisibility provoking our belief on our own perceptions.

Severina Sars Museum (NO)

Artist collective and publisher of artists books by Anette Kierulf and Tormod Haugland.

speakerspeaker is a new collective of artists based in Bergen working with textbased publishing and artist’s books. The collective will present hand bound publications by Sofie Hviid Vinther which include observational texts, photography and drawings, handmade artist’s books by Clara Sindal Mosconi experimenting with fictio, and a printed quarterly journal edited by Gentian Rhosa Meikleham called speakerspeaker, which collects several writers to respond to a certain subject through experimental approaches to writing.

Cappelens Forslag is an independent book store and cafe located in the center of Oslo. We buy and sell new and second hand quality literature, and specialize in modern first editions, antiquarian titles, cult lit, and books as rare as independent bookstores are becoming. Cappelens Forslag is also home to the publisher of Cappelens Forslags Conversational Encyclopedia.

Sverres Zine is an uncompromising publication for camera-based projects. The magazine aims to be an exhibition space on paper. The continuing theme throughout the issues is the making of something specific from the generic and using photography to construct experiences.

Teori & Praksis Forlag is an independent small press publishing high-quality literature, in particular international classics that have not previously been available in Norwegian.

TEXSTgroup, established in Bergen in 2016, explores the presence of text in visual art in any manifestation. The title TEXST embodies their approach: testing text as a medium.

THE SMART VIEW is an independent art magazine based in Germany, with emphasis on mobile photography. Since its foundation back in 2014 by photographer and graphic designer Rosa Roth, it has curated artists from all over the world discovered on Instagram. The magazine aims to support its community of emerging artists and newcomers both online and offline by curating their works, exhibiting them internationally, producing print publications and providing them with assistance.

Topos Bokforlag is a Norwegian artist’s book publisher established in 2017 by artists Åsne Eldøy and Arild Våge Berge. Their focus is a broad perspective on the term «place», with the aim to be a publishing platform for newly established artists in the visual field.

TUR Forlag is a small press based in Bergen, Norway, established in 2011. During 2012–2013, TUR published the Nordic collective poetry series SKANDO. This year, the press returned with a bilingual anthology of Mexican and Norwegian contemporary poetry.

Uten Tittel is a publisher specializing in art books. Their ambition is to produce publications of a very high quality, and to make substantial contributions to the art field, in collaboration with artists, institutions and professionals of various kinds. Uten Tittel is owned by Orkana Forlag and the art publisher Teknisk Industri.

Vagant is a cultural journal with editors based in Bergen, Berlin, Copenhagen and Stockholm. Published in a paper edition four times a year in addition to a weekly online edition, Vagant features translated literary works, author interviews, essays, book reviews and articles on philosophy, film and contemporary art. In extensive thematic sections, the journal explores emerging ideological trends and current political challenges through the lenses of contemporary artistic practice.